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Getting a website to rank is crucial. As one of my friends jokes, “the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of the search results!”. Why is that? Because nobody gets to page 2. You need to be at the top of the search results. This boils down to 2 main approaches. Simple – what are you doing on the website and what are doing off the website? After about 10 years of competing in tough markets, we’ve figured out what works. Get in touch – our results will amaze you!

Above and beyond is acknowledged as being one of Ireland’s top SEO firms. Even though we are based in Wexford Town, Ireland’s sunny southeast, we also operate in Durrus, County Cork. We serve both large and small businesses, including medium-sized and small local businesses as well as globally renowned brands. Our success rates are exceptional, ranking us among the best in the business, and our carefully selected staff has extensive expertise in a broad variety of sectors and industries.

By significantly enhancing search engine exposure, we want to significantly increase highly relevant and targeted traffic to the websites of our customers. In order for this increased traffic to result in more sales and inquiries, we also aim to enhance the amount of conversions on those websites.

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Do you want to learn more about our offerings? We’d be thrilled to hear from you.’s strategy for search engine optimisation or SEO

Our strategy for search marketing is not one-dimensional at all. WebMarket client strategies are all unique. The underlying idea is straightforward: To design the optimal user experience on your website, we draw on a variety of data and expertise. Then, in order to get excellent links and online visibility, we produce engaging, newsworthy, shareable content and launch a focused online PR campaign. All of this is supported by exhaustive data-driven research and industry-leading onsite optimization. If required, we will support this and include a social media marketing plan that is brand-specific. Our customers can relax knowing that their results are sustainable and that every euro spent is an investment for the future since we follow Google Webmaster Guidelines. We use an analytical approach. We base our goals and tactics on concrete facts in order to design the most effective, results-driven campaigns possible. The long-term return on investment for our customers is always the first and final item on our thoughts, and customers are consulted at every stage of the process.

How a typical campaign appears for businesses in Durrus

Every search environment is significantly distinct from the next, and every customer has different goals and budgets. As a result, no two campaigns are the same and our strategy may vary greatly. However, most campaigns mostly follow the following extremely generalized model:

researchSection 1 (SEO in Durrus, County Cork)

Campaign research, strategy, planning, and onsite optimization will be the main topics of the first phase.

Stage 1: Consult with the client

The client will be consulted to get a complete knowledge of the company, its goods or services, target market, any prior or ongoing plans, future goals, present branding, etc. The website’s problems and the company’s primary marketing goals for the next year will also be thoroughly reviewed.

Stage 2: Research on rivals

SEO is a straightforward science. As a result, our staff can examine any website and determine why it ranks better – or worse – than another site using the same keywords. will do competitive analysis that is particular to your sector, figuring out who is presently dominating your target search environment and how they did it.

Stage 3: Consumer research

We investigate how the target customer searches for the client’s goods or services online using the information we’ve collected during the prior two steps.

Stage 4: Website audit

We will conduct a thorough website audit to find problems and look for opportunities to improve.

Stage 5: Conduct keyword research will compile a list of keywords that we will use to track campaign success as one of many campaign KPIs using the data obtained via the previous four stages, as well as information like traffic volume, search intent, and relevance.

Stage 6: Assessment of the information architecture and user experience (UX)

Utilizing our own visual design and website development resources, will evaluate the website’s information architecture, conversion rates, and user experience (UX) and look into potential improvements.

name-authorityStage 7: Onsite optimization will be able to design and carry out onsite optimization based on the results of the preceding six steps. When we say “onsite”, we mean on your website – this doesn’t mean we will visit your business in Durrus, County Cork! This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Use of updated information architecture
  • Meta data optimization
  • Internal anchor text optimization
  • Alt tag optimization
  • Canonical tags (checking, adding, or removing)
  • Sensible robots.txt implementation
  • 301 redirect implementation
  • Correction of 404 errors
  • The creation and uploading of any additional SEO-specific code deemed necessary by the account manager.
  • The optimization of sitemaps.
  • The correction of faulty front end code.
  • The correction of other front end errors flagged up in Search Console, such as mobile compatibility issues or slow loading times.
Stage 8: Removing duplicate material and copies

Any duplicate material will be removed from the website by

Stage 9: Creating transactional content

A sizable staff of internal copywriters at will either produce new content themselves or provide advice on its development.

Stage 10: Examining external backlinks

To specifically detect link spam, will examine the client’s backlink profile. Any link spam found link spam will be either deleted or disavowed. As a result of the Penguin 4.0 update, Google now disregards certain link spam, removing any potential ranking considerations without necessarily penalizing it. This is considered throughout the procedure.

seo-workStage 11: Analysis of internal links

To make sure that link juice is supplied to the priority sites and to reduce the quantity of link juice sucked off by low priority pages, we will analyze the internal linking structure of the website.

Stage 12: Google business listing

The Google+/Google My Business profile listing for the customer will get assessed and improved by, who will make sure it is optimized and current.

Section Two (Search Engine Optimisation in Durrus, County Cork)

After phase one is over, will concentrate the effort on boosting the site’s subject authority and domain authority, among other things. We do this by combining link development and online PR, the provision of educational material, the use of structured data (like schema), and maybe a little amount of social media management.

socialLink creation

Excellent link building is an essential SEO tactic and a specialized sort of online PR. Most agencies completely mishandle the approach of link creation, however is excellent at this technique.

Generation of content will consistently provide the client’s website with informative material that is relevant, captivating, and fascinating.

Social could suggest a brief social media campaign to help your search marketing plan.

contentLinked data and schema markup

The whole website of will use schema markup and/or structured data. This may include sorted lists, same-as schema, product schema, breadcrumb schema, local business and service schema, review schema, and more, as necessary. This will increase the likelihood that our customers will show up in rich snippets and responses.

Silos of content

Websites often create material that competes with other information on the same website. The website’s content architecture will be thoroughly reviewed by, and content silos will be suggested to boost the subject authority of important sections of the site.

Ongoing analytical review

The operation of your website will be continuously monitored by We can notice tiny changes in searcher behavior on your website thanks to our granular approach to data, which allows us to modify the campaign as required.

Ongoing improvement of the user experience (UX) and conversion rates will employ Google Tag Manager and other types of event tracking and user-flow monitoring to improve a website’s capacity to convert visitors into enquiries/customers in accordance with our analytical assessment. We want to attract, funnel, and convert clients at various points in the purchasing process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our digital marketing services. Maybe you’d like to first examine some case studies? There is plenty to share. Let us know what you’re searching for if it has anything to do with search engine marketing. We’d be thrilled to hear from you!

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Web Design Wexford - SEO Wexford - Ads Wexford - Web Design Ireland, Online Ads Ireland, SEO IrelandIn the realm of search marketing, complacency is hazardous. It’s unlikely that search engine algorithms would wait for businesses and agencies to catch up since they are continually altering and developing. Too many organizations use outdated practices. is unique. Everyone who works here has a sincere passion for search marketing, which has created an environment where information is constantly being shared and learned. We think that this is the only way we can really provide our customers’ websites an advantage over those of their rivals. At, we place a high value on open and honest communication with our clients. We demystify SEO via simple, straightforward explanations and provide our clients the power they need through information and reporting. Because of this, we have a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

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